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How should children's bicycles be maintained?

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1. After cycling for a period of time, all components should be inspected and adjusted to prevent the parts from loosening off. Proper automobile oil should be introduced into the dragging position on time to maintain its lubrication

2. After the vehicle is dampened or dampened by precipitation, the electroplating process parts should be wiped off immediately, and then coated with a layer of neutral oil (such as household sewing oil) to prevent corrosion

3. Parts coated with glossy paint shall not be rubbed to avoid damaging the paint layer and making it dull

4. The inner and outer tires and brake rubbers of bicycles are all rubber and plastic products, so it is necessary to prevent touching automobile oil, gasoline and other raw oil products to prevent vulcanized rubber from embrittlement and mildew. The new tyres should be inflated. Usually, the tire should be properly inflated. If the inflation is not enough, the outer tire is easy to crack; if the inflation is too enough, the tire and parts are easy to be damaged


Little overlord children's bicycle

The proper way is: the front tire should be less inflated, the rear tire should be more inflated. In winter, you should be full of air, but not in summer

5. Cycling speed should be moderate. It is not necessary to start too hard, and drive slowly when encountering uneven ground

6. When the bicycle is not needed, it should be placed in a dry and cool place to prevent rusting; in addition, the tire should be inflated to prevent cracking or deformation due to long-term extrusion molding

7. Brake: is the brake smooth? Is the brake clip effective on both sides? If there is only one side force, it should be adjusted at the nearest service point

8. Cushion: is the height width ratio adjusted properly and clamped tightly? The cushion surface should be parallel to the road surface

9. Driver and driver standpipe: does the driver keep upright? Is the tap loose?


Little overlord blue bicycle

10. Window frame: does the compressive strength of window frame meet the requirements? Are window frames and forks twisted? Are all screw parts locked?

11. Step on: is the operation smooth and not easy to sideslip? If there is bending, loosening and damage, it should be upgraded

12. Spare parts: if equipped with teapot rack, shoulder bag, car bag, etc., check whether the screws of each spare part are inseparable and firm?

Usually pay more attention to the key points, which can ensure the service life of the vehicle is extended. If there is a serious problem, it is better to maintain the delivery shop and replace the parts.

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