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How to choose the right children's bicycle for your baby?

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Often, for the sake of "saving money", the father or mother of the baby decides to buy a "ahead" car for the baby according to the principle of buying big clothes instead of small ones. It is clear that the baby's height is 14 inches and it is a little difficult to ride a 14 inch bicycle, but they directly buy a 16 inch car back. In fact, it is totally wrong and unsafe to do so. In many cases of "Xiao Bao riding a cart", the baby mothers "report" that the baby often wrestles, and even some are not enthusiastic about cycling. The difference between a child's bicycle with a guard wheel and an adult's bicycle is that the baby has not yet learned to control his own center of gravity to keep balance when turning. If he rides too high a bicycle, his feet can't reach the ground. When the car turns, if the speed is relatively fast, wrestling is almost inevitable. If the baby rides too big a bicycle, it will develop some incorrect riding posture, which is not good for the cultivation of body-building. Therefore, from the silver and baby's safety and health balance, you should have the right choice!

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