Welcome Hebei Chaoyi Bicycle Co., Ltd.11!

About us

  • This is Hebei Chaoyi Bicycle Co., Ltd. Found in 2004, specialized in manufacturing children bicycle, baby walkers, MTB bike, and Electric cars. Our products have been exported to Europe , Southeast Asia, Middle east, South America  and so on.

    We are Professional Children Ride Toys Manufacturer in China, which is specialized in Children Toys Produce and export business. Our Working team is constructed by designer Sale group, factory, workshop, Purchasing department, documentation operator, shipping operator Quality assurance and quality control.

    Our goal is to provide all the Customer, the rational quality and service with our reasonable price to make our every customer to grow up in their market depend on our 16 Years experience and specialized team.

    However, we always welcome new customers to know about us, to trust us, and to be friends with us, we will stay here to wait for you. If you are looking for children bicycle manufacturer, we are pleased to offer services.




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